Manicure and Pedicure Aftercare Advice

Please read this leaflet to ensure you get the best possible lasting treatment for your manicure and/or pedicure.

Please note that this leaflet is not a substitute for medical advice but instead a guide to give you assistance.


  • Please leave adequate time after your treatment for your nails to dry. This ensures that your chosen polish doesn’t chip or become smudged.
  • When doing housework or gardening, to avoid damaging your nails please wear protective gloves
  • Use hand moisturiser regularly
  • Never use metal files
  • Avoid harsh chemicals and soaps which could dry your skin
  • Drink the recommended daily amount of water to help stay hydrated and keep your skin healthy
  • Try to keep your nails to a length that is manageable to avoid injury to your nails and fingers


  • When you come for a pedicure try to wear footwear that have open toes to allow for your nail polish to dry adequately
  • Change socks or tights regularly
  • After having a bath/shower apply moisturiser to your feet
  • Apply talc or a special foot powder between the toes to help absorb moisture. This helps to prevent fungal infections such as athletes’ foot.
  • Help your feet stay refreshed during the day by using a foot spray that contain peppermint or citrus oil. These have a cooling effect and will help ease your aching feet.

General Care

  • Dry your hands and feet thoroughly after washing especially between the toes and fingers. This will prevent moisture and bacteria build up and making it sore.
  • Use cuticle oil or cream daily to moisturise dry cuticles.
  • When removing nail polish use an acetone free polish remover.
  • Having a manicure and/or pedicure treatment should be a regular treatment. It will help aid the health and look of your skin and nails. The recommended time between treatments should be 4 weeks.